It has been confirmed that the 2018 Honda Accord will make its debut this year. The next-generation sedan will first surface in the US, which is its biggest market. This was announced by Honda president and CEO Takahiro Hachigo at the Honda Meeting 2017 event in Japan.

According to Hachigo, the full model change Accord will boast “a further advanced design and driving experience.” The company chief also said that “we are going to launch our new design direction at an auto show this fall,” which means that the upcoming Accord will most probably lead the way with the new family look. We’ve seen some spyshots, but none that are very revealing.

Today’s Accord is a handsome saloon, and while the Civic FC has captured the imagination of many with its bold design, the Accord has to be more conservative – you don’t want to alienate the more mature crowd. On that note, we wonder how the US-market Camry and its shocking face is doing.

What else can we expect from the 2018 Honda Accord? A turbo engine, of course. The latest Civic and CR-V have moved to Honda’s 1.5 litre turbocharged engine – pushing out 173 and 193 PS respectively, in our market – and a variation of this engine should find its way into the new Accord. Like those models, the 1.5T would be paired to a CVT automatic, which will retire the torque converter auto in today’s car.

The next Accord could still be offered with a naturally-aspirated four-pot as the base variant, as per the Civic and CR-V. There will be an Accord Hybrid too, but North America will need a V6 or equivalent engine as the range-topping non-hybrid variant. Will Honda continue to offer an NA V6, or will there be a high-powered turbo-four in its place?

Honda already has a 10-speed automatic on sale in the US (in the Odyssey), and this torque converter unit could feature in the Accord. Another question is if Honda will continue to provide a six-speed manual for base models? A manual Accord is alien to us in Asia, but there’s such a creature in the US.

GALLERY: 2018 Honda Accord spyshots