Effective June 16, it will be compulsory for all ride-sharing service providers to submit their drivers’ records to the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD), Bernama reports.

The commission said the move was to enable it to screen the background of drivers more stringently, which it do with the help of other enforcement agencies such as the police and Road Transport Department (JPJ).

“As a proactive risk mitigation policy, SPAD has emphasised to ride-sharing operators to use a more comprehensive identification process on the profile of the driver; it will enable them to identify and reject high risk drivers,” the commission said via a statement on the matter.

“Aside from that, ride-sharing operators must also monthly submit data on drivers who have committed traffic offences or have problems of misconduct to enable SPAD to blacklist them and prevent them from further seeking other e-hailing work,” it added. Ride-sharing providers will also be required to submit a data rating on their drivers every month.

The commission has also directed these companies to expedite the implementation of a SOS panic button as a security feature for passengers in their respective applications.