The news that a number of Caltex petrol stations in Malaysia are set to close down later this month has been circulating on social media channels. It was reported by FMT that the operators were sent termination letters by Chevron Malaysia and told to cease operations by June 30, with no reasons given as to why their contracts were being terminated.

Apparently, the report indicates that the issue leading to this may have come about following a dispute between the parties over the bearing of certain costs regarding the maintenance and installation of automation tools, with the operators unhappy that they were asked to pay for these.

Responding to the issue, Chevron Malaysia has issued an official statement on the matter, reproduced here in full:

Chevron Malaysia Limited confirms the recent termination of certain retailers that may have caused several parties and members of the general public to be dissatisfied with the company’s decision. This is in response to feedback and comments made about the company that was shared on social media. Some of the comments have been misleading and misinformed.

The termination issue is a business decision and the company reserves the right to extend or terminate retailers’ contracts at any one time. For all termination process, it will be carried out in accordance with the contractual agreement between the parties.

We look for partnerships that are collaborative and supportive of our Chevron values, and we strive to maintain good relationships with our retailers where they work with us to address concerns. Unfortunately, this may not always be the case with certain retailers, despite Chevron’s best efforts to resolve issues amicably and in good faith.

Chevron Malaysia Limited wishes to inform the public that business as usual continues at all Caltex stations.