The Road Transport Department (JPJ) wants the public to report reckless bus drivers if they see them committing traffic offences this festive season, The Star reports.

Travellers who witness bus drivers exceeding the speed limit (90 km/h), smoking or using a mobile phone while driving, and even hogging the overtaking lane, can contact the JPJ via WhatsApp (011-51115252) to submit a report.

“The best is if passengers can include a picture, location and time of the offence,” said JPJ enforcement director Datuk V. Valluvan Veloo. Those who are unable to provide full information about the committed offence can instead send the vehicle’s number plate to the department.

The department recently launched Ops Hari Raya, which has so far examined 2,531 buses to ensure they are roadworthy before their journeys. More than 3,000 enforcement officers have been deployed for this effort, which also includes examining drivers’ licences and journey plans for compliance.

“So far, we have taken action against 85 bus drivers for various offences which endangered passengers. This is disappointing given the education campaign we have carried out,” said Valluvan.

The department will also be enforcing a ban on the movements of some heavy commercial vehicles on June 23 and 24, as well as on July 1 and 2. This is to minimise the risk of congestion and accidents during the festive season.

“We have always had restrictions for heavy commercial vehicles, but the vehicle operators have ignored this in the past. This year, we have been given the directive to seize the vehicles on the spot if we catch them on the roads during the restricted period,” said Valluvan.