Karak Highway concessionaire Anih Berhad has lodged a police report over alleged intentional oil spills at KM75.7 of the eastbound highway earlier this week. Bernama reports that the company is aware of claims on social media that the oil spill resulted in several accidents on the stretch.

“We have lodged a report at the Bentong district police headquarters on Wednesday morning to enabled detailed investigation of the allegation,” an Anih Berhad spokesman said, adding that preliminary investigation found oil stains from an earlier accident, which took place on the same spot.

Images of accidents on the Karak Highway stretch went viral recently, supported by images of oil stains on the road. It’s a repeat of similar claims that surfaced in the middle of last year.

Anih Berhad has reminded road users to comply with the speed limit. Motorists have been urged to contact the company hotline at 09-5479111 if they come across, or have information of mischief on the Karak and Lebuhraya Pantai Timur (LPT) 1 highways.

Allegations of unscrupulous people intentionally spilling oil on highway stretches are nothing new, and many fingers have been pointed to tow truck operators, who are usually very quick on the scene of the accident. Solid proof is hard to come by though, and it is hoped that police investigations yield a result. Drive safe and slow down on winding stretches, especially when the roads are damp.