While electric motorcycles (e-bikes) are not new, its adoption, and subsequent mass production, by mainstream manufacturers has been slow. Honda has previously shown its version of the EV-Cub, and now Yamaha seems to be jumping on the electric bandwagon.

In an agreement between Yamaha Motor and Saitama City, Japan, e-bikes might soon be part of its city-scape. The agreement seeks to promote the use of e-bikes via a joint initiative called the E-Kizuna Project.

The project aims to promote the spread of e-bikes through effective public relations methods as well as test rides, along with building new business models that leverage the use of e-bikes. A focal point of the initiative is the provision of electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities using existing infrastructure.

Saitama City, in the form of its official vehicles, will be looking at using e-bikes for official duties. This will also involve the use of e-bikes for commercial purposes, such as small businesses and point-to-point deliveries within the city.

Community involvement is also under consideration, in the form of e-bike test ride events, safe riding courses and the like. Yamaha Motor has previously shown two experimental e-bikes, the PES1 and PED1, at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, but there was no word on whether these designs would enter production.

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