In line with ongoing insurance detariffication measures, the government is studying the possibility of implementing a flexible road tax payment system for motorists. Transport minister Datuk Sri Liow Tiong Lai said the move will see road tax charges be calculated according to motorists’ vehicle condition, mileage and any outstanding traffic offences.

In the report by NST, Liow suggested prudent motorists will likely benefit from a lower road tax charge compared to those who are more reckless on the road. This is before taking into account the motorists’ mileage and vehicle condition.

“With the advancement of technology, we can now know road users’ behaviour, and also their mileage, which is going to reflect into their road tax charge. We are confident that we can implement that in the future,” said Liow.

He did not provide further details on how such a system will operate or even a stipulated timeframe for its implementation. Currently, Malaysia’s road tax payment system is pretty rigid, and is based on tier-based structure following the vehicle’s engine capacity. A deeper insight into the system can be found, here.

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