Audi has issued a voluntary recall for about 850,000 diesel vehicles worldwide, a few days after Mercedes-Benz announced a similar initiative. The recall affects cars fitted with six- and eight-cylinder diesel engines (V6/V8 TDI, Euro 5/Euro 6), and will “further improve their emissions in real driving conditions beyond the current legal requirements,” according to the carmaker

The preventative measure involves updating the software of vehicles listed, and will be undertaken in close consultation with Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). Audi says it intends to reduce overall emissions, especially in urban areas, and the service also applies to Porsche and Volkswagen cars that are fitted with the same types of engines at no extra charge to customers.

Diesel engines have a place in Audi’s future, with the company stating their low fuel consumption helps to achieve the ambitious CO2 emission targets in Europe. Therefore, Audi’s recall programme will help counteract any possible bans on its vehicles fitted with diesel engines.

With memories of the dieselgate scandal still present, Audi has progressively examined all engine and transmission combinations for several months to seek out any irregularities. The carmaker worked closely with the Federal Ministry of Transport and the KBA, and will quickly implement any required technical solutions should the authorities’ investigations result in further consequences.