Goodwood’s first, upcoming SUV has been spotted running trials again, this time at the fabled Nurburgring Nordschleife for chassis development. Here, it appears that the Cullinan’s state of disguise remains largely the same as before when it was spotted winter testing, where the front bumper details are still concealed beneath square-cut openings for the air intakes on each side.

Along its sides and around the back, it also still wears similar amounts of camouflage as before, where its tail lamp clusters are still the prototype-stage items which probably aren’t representative of the eventual production model’s. It’s the same story with the exhaust outlets, which – as before – are twin tailpipes which exit via each end of the rear bumper.

Under the skin, the Cullinan will be based on the BMW Group’s aluminium architecture which will be shared with the upcoming BMW X7, including possibly the BMW’s twin-turbocharged V12. In terms of powertrain, it still remains to be seen if the Cullinan will stick with the current Rolls-Royce line-up which consists of V12 petrols, or if it will adopt a petrol-and-diesel approach which Bentley has done with the Bentayga.

Incidentally, there is a hybrid variant of the Bentayga in the works, which we have also spotted doing the rounds while testing. Will the Goodwood luxury carmaker follow suit? Time will tell.