With the first half of the year past us, let’s reflect on how the automotive market in Malaysia is performing up until H1 2017, using sales data compiled by the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA).

Compared to H1 2016, overall total industry volume (TIV) for H1 2017 experienced a growth by 9,002 units or 3.27% to hit 284,461 units from 275,459 units.

Focusing on the industry players, Perodua continues to lead the pack by selling 99,675 units in H1 2017, which also represents a 2.37% increase from the same period last year. Even so, the national carmaker experienced a slight decline (-0.3%) in market share at 35%.

Meanwhile, Honda’s performance in H1 2017 is a significant improvement from H1 2016, with the brand selling 52,527 units compared to 39,654 units, representing a 32.46% jump. There’s more good news for the big H too, as its market share also grew to 18.5% from 14.4% in H1 2017.

Progressing further down the list, Proton and Toyota both saw an increase in sales during H1 2017, with the former selling 39,393 units (+10.26%), while the latter sold 33,723 units (+23.76%). Both also saw an increase in market share with 13.8% for the national carmaker (+0.8%) and 11.9% (+2%) for Toyota, respectively.

Other gainers on the list include BMW with 4,816 units (+21.49%), Kia with 2,305 units (+14.45%), Subaru with 2,291 units (+39.19%) and Renault with 295 units (+30.53%). All four brands also captured more market share, save for Renault which remained at 0.1%.

On the other hand, brands that didn’t fare so well include Nissan, Volkswagen Mitsubishi and Mazda, all facing a sales decline of more than 30% during the first half of 2017. As a result, market share for the four brands mentioned also declined, more so for Nissan (-2.9%).

Despite a slight dip in sales, Mercedes-Benz still manage to occupy the sixth spot on the list with 6,034 units, which is 60 units of 0.98% less than during the same period last year. The brand’s market share was also reduced by 0.1% to 2.1% in H1 2017.

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