Mercedes-Benz has filed a patent for an airbag which deploys from a vehicle’s A-pillar, to make front-end pedestrian collisions more survivable in the event of such occurrences. The patent is an extension of the pop-up bonnet idea, which also serves to protect pedestrians from hard impacts in such front-end collisions.

In this application, the A-pillar airbags deploy when commanded by sensors monitoring for a collision, and in such an event, they will deploy after the pop-up bonnet has been deployed. Under normal conditions, the airbags are each stowed within a fabric tube running the length of the A-pillar, which itself is covered to remain invisible.

The patent was filed by Mercedes-Benz in July 2015, according to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and was published on August 3 this year. The two years which have since elapsed should have allowed plenty of time for development, and thus could mean that the technology could reach a production model soon.