The Works ministry has said the installation of the rolling barriers safety system along certain roads in Malaysia has helped reduced accidents by 94%. Its deputy minister, Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin said the ministry has been observing the system since its installation on December 14 last year, in a report by The Star.

“Among the factor that reduces the accident impact is a barrier which uses rollers to convert energy from a collision into rotational motion. The barriers also have light reflectors and shock energy absorbers which directly reduce the impact of the clash on vehicle and drivers,” she said.

However, the rolling barriers to come with a catch, in that they cost almost six times more than conventional systems. “For regular systems we install, its costs RM250 a metre but rolling barriers cost RM1,500 per metre,” she noted, adding that more areas, like around KLIA2, will get the rolling barriers due to the high number of accidents there.

“The project is expected to begin at end of this month and hopefully will be completed by the end of October. The whole installation would require a total of 58 days,” she explained, in reply to Mukah MP Datuk Seri Dr Muhammad Leo Michael who had asked how successful the rolling barrier system has been in Parliament.