The Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) has released new vehicle sales data for the month of July 2017, which saw a total of 48,553 units being shifted, bringing the total industry volume (TIV) up to 333,010 units for the year. However, the number of units sold in July was lower than what was recorded in June (50,275 units) by about 3.4%, or 1,722 units.

Perodua continues to lead the sales chart, notching up 18,920 units in sales, which is an improvement from 17,821 units the month prior. This brings the national carmaker’s year-to-date (YTD) figure up to 118,595 units.

In second place, Honda retains its lead in the non-national car segment despite a dip in sales by 232 units to 8,576 units. The big H is followed by Proton, which saw sales figures drop from 7,225 units in June to just 5,954 units in July.

Meanwhile, Toyota experienced a slight gain in the number of units sold by 213 units, ending July with 5,543 units to take the fourth spot. Other gainers include Ford (651 units) and Lexus (82 units), which saw an improvement of 18.4% and 49.1%, respectively.

On the other hand, brands that encountered a decline in sales include Mercedes-Benz (-38.8%), Mitsubishi (-26.7%), Volkswagen (-31.9%), Kia (-36.3%), Subaru (-52.2%), Volvo (-65.3%) and Mazda (-12.4%).

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