Riding a 150 cc Honda RS150R across 24 countries on an extended honeymoon, a newly-married Malaysian couple fulfilled their dream of waving the Jalur Gemilang in London, UK on August 31, Merdeka day. Mohd Alfishahrin Zakaria, 31, an ex-bank employee, and his wife Diana Latief, 30, began their journey 146 days ago, on April 8.

Among the countries traversed by Alfishahrin and Diana were Thailand, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Iran, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, Greece, Albania, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and France, before reaching their journey’s end in front of the Malaysian Consulate in London. Their journey was made possible by a programme from the Selangor Drug Prevention Association, and the couple spent nearly RM40,000 in personal funds during their epic honeymoon ride.

Additional sponsorship and assistance was rendered by Boon Siew Honda, Honda UK, Givi Malaysia, STT Sprocket and MYBikerz. Alfishahrin has previously ridden the 1000 Corners in Chiang Mai in 2015, as well as a seven-border crossing of Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, China, Cambodia, Vietnam and Singapore in 2016.