Detroit Electric has released several sketches of three electric vehicles it plans to produce over the next three years – a sports car, a crossover and a large sedan. The UK-based startup entered a joint venture worth US$1.8 billion with Far East Smarter Energy Group, a Chinese electrical and battery company.

“We have secured a solid financial foundation and are fortunate to have exceptional facilities in Warwickshire that we’re looking to expand further in the months ahead. And to that we are adding between 150 and 200 roles that we’re filling with the best vehicle and electrical engineering talent in the country, some of who we’re hoping to find here at the LCV show,” said Richie Frost, chief technical officer and company director at Detroit Electric.

Part of the injection of funds will also go towards expanding its engineering and manufacturing centre in Leamington Spa to create a state-of-the art R&D facility, alongside its China facilities. “We have been working for a long time to put our company into a position where we’re ready to embark on this exciting journey. And we wanted to share our excitement with the visitors to the LCV event by releasing these sketches,” Frost noted.

The outline sketches of the vehicles are certainly very sleek in appearance, and the finished products likely look to compete against Tesla and its line-up of vehicles. The company’s first effort was the SP:01, an all-electric sports car that did not managed to hit mass production as promised. Looking a bit like a Lotus Elise, the car featured a 285 hp electric motor, a carbon-fibre body and 0-100 km/h time of 3.9 seconds.

Detroit Electric was originally the name of an electric car manufactured by the Anderson Electric Car Company in Detroit between 1907 and 1939. The brand was later was revived again in 2008 to produce all-electric cars by Detroit Electric Holding of the Netherlands.