It’s Friday, so let’s welcome the weekend with some light-hearted comedy involving Red Bull Racing Formula One team drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen, together with the well-known durian.

The F1 circus has arrived in Singapore for this weekend’s Grand Prix, and Red Bull Racing thought it would be a good idea to introduce both its drivers to the local delicacy via ‘The Durian Fruit Challenge’.

Questions like “why is it so spiky?” and “what is it?” are pretty common for first-timers, but the real challenge is how you open one up. Easy for us because we’re masters with the king of fruits, not so much for the Australian and Dutch nationals.

After exhausting a number of options (and tools) to get it open, the best part is watching them taste the fruit itself. There’s no two ways about it, you either love the durian or you don’t, so guess what the outcome is. Let’s just hope the experience doesn’t cause them to perform worse on track, especially all you RBR fans out there.