At the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, Mazda got many people excited by unveiling the RX-Vision concept, which is said to feature a next-generation SkyActiv-R rotary engine. The prospect of a successor to the RX-7 and RX-8 (possibly called the RX-9) has been highly rumoured since then, and for this year’s show, a new concept is set to take the stand.

Speaking with Autoexpress, Mazda’s vice president for R&D in Europe, Matsuhiro Tanaka said, “with the Tokyo Motor Show we will be introducing a new design concept – you can think of it as an evolution of theme of the RX-Vision.”

“When we introduce a concept our intention from the engineering and design community is to make it a reality. What I will say is that we are making the utmost efforts to try and make this a possibility,” he added.

It remains to be seen if the SkyActiv-R engine will be used as a standalone means of propulsion, or with some form of electrification. The other notion is using the rotary engine as a range extender in a hybrid setup.

“All of our other internal combustion engines will have to have some form of electrification at some point – mild hybrid or 48-volt electrics. So yes, that type of technology could be in rotary engines in the future. However, I believe I would like to introduce the new rotary engine without electrification because I think that is what the rotary engine fans will want,” Fujiwara explained.

GALLERY: Mazda RX-Vision concept