The Audi Q8 has been spotted in prototype guise again, but this time, we get to see the SUV’s actual interior rather than the SQ7-derived one seen in a previous test mule.

Appearing to have more in common with the two concepts – Q8 concept and Q8 sport – that previewed it, the interior seen here is awash with touchscreen displays and glossy surfaces.

The dual-screen setup is akin to the one in the latest A8, where the upper unit serves the infotainment system. The lower touchscreen on the other hand, will likely mimic the functionality of the A8’s unit, controlling climate and comfort features, provide access to favourite user functions, as well as to enter text.

Audi’s virtual cockpit system is also present here, as is the robot leg-resembling gear selector. The prototype appears to be fitted with the current Q7’s steering wheel, but it will likely be swapped out for a newer article more aligned with the one in the A8.

As with most concept-production transitions, certain elements will have to be revised. The futuristic-looking steering wheel from the concepts as well as the door cards will likely be given a miss, while the air-con vents are more conventional in appearance as well.

On the exterior, there’s not much that’s new compared to what we’ve seen previously. New wheels are fitted on the rakish and sportier version of the Q7, which is otherwise covered in camouflage that doesn’t do much to hide its large size.