The Malaysia Speed Festival (MSF) has now become Malaysia’s biggest local car racing event with over 170 cars racing in 11 categories. Ever since it started in 2010, MSF (previously known as Saturday Night Fever, or SNF) has aimed to promote affordable and exciting motor racing to further develop the grassroots scene with track days and door-to-door racing for cars.

Today, MSF not only caters to the entry-level scene, but also features categories filled with experienced drivers including Karamjit Singh, Tengku Djan Ley, Keifli Othman, Boy Wong, Farique Hairuman and more.

Now, two additional motoring activities will be introduced at the MSF Finale 2017 event happening on December 2 and 3. These new events include a track day for superbikes as well as a target drift challenge. MSF will also reintroduce its four-wheeled time attack session known as MSF MegaLAP Time Attack as well as a car show competition by Mcclubz, featuring over 150 cars.

The MSF Superbikes event will kick off with an open track day session, previewing a superbike racing series in 2018 with multiple categories. Similarly, the drift event, MSF Drift Gonzo, will preview a full challenge series in 2018. The 2017 finale will run with three drift categories including Super 1600, Street and Pro-Comp.

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The MSF Drift Gonzo is not your usual drift challenge, also known as Tsuiso – instead, drifters will be scored by hitting certain targets on a car park such as clipping point markers, dragging long, fast drifts and even drifting in a ‘tightrope’ section. The MSF Superbikes and MSF Drift Gonzo series will be featured in three two-day rounds in 2018, including a night endurance race in August called the MSF Merdeka Night Enduro.

As mentioned earlier, apart from being able to watch all the driving and riding action up close at MSF Finale 2017, spectators will also be able to catch over 150 interesting cars on display. There will also be a WaterPark for kids as well as a number of F&B outlets, plus a BBQ Year-End Party in the works, too. Tickets will be up for grabs from as low as RM20.

The MSF Finale 2017 will take place after MSF Round 5 on October 15, which will feature the MSF Track Day and MSF Racing Series for four-wheelers, so pencil in the dates December 2 and 3 to witness one of Malaysia’s most exciting motorsport events. For more information, visit the official MSF Racing website or its Facebook page.