Malaysian riders waited a while for the 2017 BMW Motorrad G 310 R to appear, and when it did, it was priced at RM26,900, including GST, which made many sit up and take notice. As the collaboration between BMW Motorrad and TVS of India, the G 310 R is BMW’s foray back into the sub-500 cc market after a break of nearly four decades.

When we took the G 310 R out on review, we found it to be a fairly competent all-rounder, with good handling and reasonable rider comfort. Braking, with Brembo’s Bybre brand, was also fuss-free and good.

Coming as it does with a 313 cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder power that puts out a claimed 34 hp at 9,500 rpm and 28 Nm of torque at 7,500 rpm. Riding the G 310 R on the highway, power delivery was good, and there was enough speed to break the speed limit for an almost continuous four-hour run.

The reversed cylinder orientation on the G 310 R has the intake facing forward, letting the engine be tilted a little further backward to place weight over the rear wheel, while giving the exhaust a straight path to the rear. This allows for a better centre of gravity, and is claimed by BMW to improve the bike’s handling.

Wet weight for the G 310 R is said to be 158 kg, and fuel is carried in an 11-litre tank. Braking is done with a four-piston caliper and single 300 mm disc in front, while the rear disc is a 240 mm diameter unit, and two-channel ABS is standard.