Remember the set of Liberty Walk-ed pictures of the Honda NSX that came out earlier this year? Well, it turns out that the Japanese tuning firm has finally completed the modifications, the bulk of which are cosmetics.

Those familiar with Liberty Walk’s projects will spot the complete lack of bolt-on fenders, which is a good call. In fact, the rest of the car – minus the large GT wing that underscores the company’s identity – remains close to the factory look, save for tasteful additions such as the carbon front splitter, side skirts and a new rear diffuser.

Filling the wheel arches are new Forgiato alloys with air suspension. Ride height has also been lowered, giving the illusion of being wider than it actually is. Don’t be fooled, guys. Liberty Walk completely made a pass on the widebody kit – again, very atypical for a company that’s known for such religious exploits.

Besides the aforementioned mods, the car is mechanically untouched. Propulsion comes from the same bone-stock 3.5 litre twin-turbo petrol V6 with three electric motors that’s good for a total system output of 573 hp and 646 Nm of torque.