Touted as ‘the perfect first- and last-mile solution’, smart bike-sharing company Mobike has expanded its reach to include Malaysia, in partnership with Cyberview Sdn Bhd and Mastercard. The bicycle sharing service arrives in Cyberjaya from its origin in Shanghai in April 2016, and is slated to reach one new city in Malaysia every month; the region is the second to receive Mobike’s after Setia Alam.

Now in 180 cities globally, Mobike has readied 10 bicycle parking hubs and over 100 bicycles for the Cyberjaya region; more will be added to the fleet if and when an increase in demand is seen. Malaysia is the second country to receive Mobike’s sharing service after Singapore; Thailand is slated to follow next.

A little bit about the bicycles themselves – these are aluminium-framed, single-speed shaft driven bicycles, which feature a dynamo in the rear hub for electricity generation in order to power each bicycle’s headlamp, GPS and QR code-enabled lock. Solid, airless rubber tyres are fitted to magnesium wheels, which feature a drum brake in front and a disc brake at the rear. Mobike estimates a four-year maintenance-free lifespan.

To use the Mobike sharing service, users will first need to download the mobile app (available from the Apple App Store for iOS and from the Google Play Store for Android). Upon registration, a one-time refundable deposit of RM99 is required, with a half-hourly usage rate of RM1.50. For its debut month of October, the promotional rate stands at RM9 for deposit, and free-of-charge usage.

In terms of safeguards, Mobike covers its users with AXA third-party insurance, and to ensure reasonable use, Mobike incorporates a demerit points system which will go towards a higher price of admission in the event of misuse, such as parking or abandoning the bicycles in areas other than the designated parking spaces.