In order to promote safety amongst motorcyclists on the road, Malaysian motorcycle manufacturer Modenas has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Kedah Industrial Skills Management Development Centre (KISMEC) to develop a Safety Riding programme. The programme was established to raise awareness on road and riding safety as well as input into the proper way to ride motorcycles, in response to rising fatalities amongst local road users.

The MoU was signed by Amirudin Abdul Kadir, Modenas chief executive officer and Mohd Yusuri Yusof, executive director of KISMEC. “Police statistics show that in 2014, there were a total of 125,712 accident cases involving motorcycles, an increase of 4,012 cases over the previous year, in which 121,700 cases were recorded,” said Amirudin.

“As a motorcycle manufacturer, Modenas is compelled to address this issue to reduce the number of accidents. Although we have previously established such a safety riding course, the response was less than expected due to time and cost constraints, leading us to collaborate with KISMEC in order to develop this programme,” Amirudin said.

The course is divided into two modules – theory and practical. In the theory module, participants will learn about the rules and regulations applicable to motorcycle riders and safe riding techniques such as braking and cornering.

For the practical portion of the Safety Riding programme, riders will implement techniques learned during the theory module. Riders will practice on a specially constructed track at the Modenas plant in Gurun, Kedah.