Earlier this year at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Toyota unveiled the Concept-i aimed at provide a warmer, more welcoming look into the future of mobility. Now the Japanese carmaker is expanded the range with the Concept-i Ride and Walk vehicles debuting at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show next week, delivering new ways of moving about in concert with the company’s new Start Your Impossible initiative.

First up is the Concept-i Ride, a two-seater mobility pod designed for wheelchair users. The diminutive runabout features gullwing doors that open wide, giving easy access to the driver’s seat that slides towards the entrance. The doors also supports the loading and unloading of a wheelchair, which can be stored in a compartment behind the front seat.

Traditional controls such as the steering wheel and pedals have been eschewed for a joystick, and driving assists such as automated parking are available at low speeds for peace of mind. An AI Agent incorporated in the large instrument display provides relevant information for wheelchair users such as where barrier-free facilities are located.

Also shown is the Concept-i Walk, essentially a scooter of sorts with three wheels and a size that Toyota claims is equivalent to a pedestrian walking. The aforementioned AI Agent is here as well, and works with the vehicle’s sensors to ensure driver safety, warning the rider of any dangers and performing evasive measures autonomously. The wheelbase also varies according to speed, aiding stability.

Unlike a Segway, there’s no shifting of weight involved to steer the Concept-i Walk – instead, there’s a simple joystick, making it easy to use. A low floor enables a wider variety of riders to use the vehicle, such as children, the elderly and skirt-wearing women.

Toyota also envisions a vehicle sharing service for the Concept-i Ride and Walk that will enable greater access to universal mobility, similar to Volvo’s new Care by Volvo subscription service. For the Walk in particular, the idea is for a first- and last-mile mobility service that works in conjunction with other transportation facilities, for use in outdoor locations such as moving between sightseeing spots.

GALLERY: Toyota Concept-i Ride

GALLERY: Toyota Concept-i Walk