Last week, it was reported that Kobe Steel, a major Japanese steel manufacturer, disclosed it had fabricated data about the quality of the aluminium and copper it had provided to clients, among them a number of automakers.

News of the emerging scandal prompted a response from Japanese automakers affected as a result of the altered or falsified data issued by Kobe Steel, with all saying they were investigating the issue.

One of the automakers was Toyota, which said last week that Kobe Steel aluminium-based materials were used in hoods, rear doors and peripheral areas in its vehicles, but added that the issue was limited to its plants in Japan and that factories in other countries weren’t affected.

Now, the automaker has issued a statement in response to the matter. It said its investigations had
identified the aluminium plates purchased directly from Kobe Steel, and analysis had revealed that the materials were up to all applicable statutory standards as well as its own internal standard in terms of safety and durability requirements.

It added that investigations are ongoing for other products from Kobe Steel that were subsequently identified, among them copper and steel products (tubes, wiring and powder), saying it will continue to examine non-aluminium items on the list for any potential issues or impact.