A new Aston Martin Vantage will be revealed in just a few days, as the British carmaker has confirmed the world debut will be on November 21, 2017. This image of a wolf was posted on Aston Martin’s official Facebook page recently, and includes the new car’s branding and launch date.

We’re not sure what a wolf has in common with the car, as the company merely repeats the same hashtag on its social media postings – #BeautifulWontBeTamed. If we had to guess, we’d think the wolf represents both beauty and strength, exactly what the Vantage will be?

Nonetheless, the “teaser” joins the previous ones released by the company. From the thinly-veiled cars seen in these forest shots, we know the Vantage nameplate will continue to be involved in motorsport, just as the outgoing model has been doing.

Of course, these coveralls are merely part of the build-up, as we already have a rough inkling what the final product will look like. In August, images of a camouflaged prototype were released, revealing a car that appears to be heavily inspired by James Bond’s DB10 from Spectre.

The brightly coloured car seen then also matched up well with a series of patent images that were unearthed back in July. That shapely lighting setup you see at the vehicle’s rear is clearly illustrated in one of those images.

As for the technical details, reports suggest the Vantage will use the same aluminium architecture as the DB11, albeit with a shorter wheelbase. Also likely to be shared is the 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8 from AMG, which generates 510 PS and 675 Nm in the DB11.