If you would like to own a “Beast of the Green Hell,” but the RM1.7 million price tag is a little to out of your reach, there’s now a cheaper alternative. Rotwild has introduced the new R.S2 Limited Edition “Beast of the Green Hell,” a racing bike that “combines the best of the racing world on four and on two wheels.”

Built as a homage to the Mercedes-AMG GT R, the R.S2’s hand-built frame features carbon-fibre technology, and is said to deliver outstanding rigidity. Also fitted here are specially-designed seats and 29?inch Crankbrothers Cobalt 11 carbon wheels.

Other parts on the racing bike include Shimano disc brakes and drivetrain, including the rear and front derailleur. The entire bicycle is finished in Hell Green to match the car, and there’s even a plaque to indicate its exclusivity (only 50 examples will be made).

The R.S2 is priced at 7,109 euros (RM34,704), which is reminiscent of the lap time set by the AMG GT R on the Nurburgring – 7 minutes 10.9 seconds. Interested?