This public safety video by Road Safety department (JKJR) Perak shows why using a proper and certified motorcycle safety helmet is important, and necessary for saving lives. A cheap half-shell helmet is subjected to a blow by a hammer, and immediately shatters.

The other open-face helmet, with SIRIM (formerly known as Scientific and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia) stamp, is subjected to the same hammer blow, but stays intact. While this test is hardly objective and empirical, it serves to illustrate the difference in quality between a SIRIM certified helmet, and one that lacks any kind of certification.

It is even shown in the video that the half-shell helmet has a “Not for motorcycle use” sticker on it. However, this does not stop many motorcyclists, notably those from the lower income group, from buying such cheap helmets merely to fulfil the requirements of the law.

What about you dear reader, especially those who ride a motorcycle or scooter on a regular basis? Do you buy the best helmet you can afford, with proper certification such as SIRIM, CE, SHARP and the like?

Are you aware that helmets have a shelf life? That helmets that have been subjected to impact be replaced? What say you? Leave a comment with your thoughts and opinions, below.