While 2017 will possibly go down as one of the worst years in multiple MotoGP world champion Valentino Rossi’s career, here is a little something to cheer up “The Doctor” this Christmas, in the form of the now discontinued Yamaha XJR1300. Given the flat-tracker treatment by Rodolfo Frascoli, this very special XJR 1300 is named “Mya” and was presented to Rossi by his posse at VR46.

Carrying the 1,251 cc inline-four from the XJR1300, Mya is now decked out in matte black and yellow fluo, with a look somewhat reminiscent of a motard. Claimed to produce some 105 hp and 108 Nm of torque, the FJR1300 was discontinued due to its air-cooled engine – which had its beginnings back in 1984 in the FJ1100 – not being able to meet Euro 4 regulations.

With its final iteration as a retro-styled sports bike, the FJR1300 that finds its way to Rossi’s Christmas stocking is decked out with the best the aftermarket can offer, naturally. Ohlins does the suspension front and rear, while one front brake disc has been removed for the authentic flat-tracker look.

A large central air intake sits below the front number plate, with the deleted central headlight replaced by a pair of LED projector units taken from a Yamaha R-1 located on either side of the forks. 19-inch spoked tubeless wheels with block-pattern tyres are installed, again for authenticity, and the overall styling of this Rossi Special follows the lines of Yamaha’s TZ750 flat-track race bikes.

Akrapovic supplies the custom built 4-2-1-2 exhaust – monogrammed with Rossi’s ’46’ race number – which terminates in a pair of short shotgun barrels on the right side of Mya. A motard-style flat seat tops off the build, and the fuel tank is relocated under the seat, with a filler cap in the tail piece.