Season two of The Grand Tour is set to air soon, and there will be a few changes to the show, with the Celebrity Brain Crash segment and The American being omitted.

As one of the new “making of” videos point out, the famous trio – Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond – discuss firing The American who is also known as former NASCAR driver Mike Skinner. With the position now vacated, the challenge now is to find a new driver, one who “mustn’t be fat, clumsy, or slow,” says Clarkson.

In another video, the group brainstorms a replacement for the Celebrity Brain Crash, which involves slicing an Alfa Romeo in half, and letting people have a go in it. The good news here is, there’s a lower likelihood of celebrities dying while on the show.

You’ll need to wait until December 8, 2017 for the first episode of season two to go up on Amazon Prime Video. If the earlier trailer is any indication, it should be an exciting couple of weeks ahead.