As it turns out, Mark Webber wasn’t a very suitable candidate to be the new test driver at The Grand Tour. However, Richard Hammond thinks he may have found the perfect fit in the form of a stunt driver – fast, precise, fearless and unknown.

Unfortunately, stunt drivers are wired very differently from others, and it clearly shows in the first audition attempt. Rather than completing an entire lap of the test track, the anonymous person behind the wheel of the Renault Clio goes for the spectacular instead.

This may have been an unintentional mistake, so with a new car (a Megane this time), and some stern talking to, the stunt driver is allowed a second chance to prove his worth. As you can tell, “this really hasn’t gone well.”

With season two of The Grand Tour returning to the small screen on December 8 this year, the race is on to find a replacement for The American. So, who will be next to try out for the position?