With some 12.5 million two-wheelers registered on Malaysian roads, Caltex launches the latest range of its motorcycle lubricant, the Caltex Havoline Super 4T SAE 5w-40 fully synthetic, priced at RM67 per litre. It is accompanied by the Havoline Super 4T in semi-synthetic and mineral, priced at RM30 and RM24 per litre, respectively and come with the new Zoomtech additive.

Marketed locally by Chevron Malaysia, the range of Havoline Super 4T motorcycle lubricants feature Caltex C.O.R.E. Technology, which cleans the engine, provides oxidation stability, reduces engine heat damage and enhances acceleration. In addition, the Zoomtech additive in the Havoline Super 4T semi-synthetic delivers a 13% improvement in clutch static friction compared to the old formulation.

As for the Havoline Super 4T fully synthetic, it is designed for high performance, large capacity motorcycles and provides 50% better oxidation stability than the API SN industry standard. Also launched was the upgraded Havoline Ezy 4T, for scooters, with lower friction and suitable for dry clutch gearboxes.