It really never ends, the stupidity. It has been a while since an errant motorist has been caught on video driving against traffic flow, but another case of being on the wrong side of the road has surfaced.

A video taken yesterday afternoon and uploaded to the MEDIA #DTTB group page on Facebook shows a Perodua Axia driving against traffic on the opposite side of the New Pantai Expressway, moving along at a brisk pace on the overtaking lane of the highway’s correct orientation. Traffic travelling in the right direction is light, and amazingly evemanages to avoid colliding with the renegade Axia.

At one point, the car slows down and despite attempts to halt his progress further, the driver speeds up in an attempt to press on. If finally takes complete lane obstruction from traffic build-up to impede the Axia’s progress, and the driver even attempts to make a U-turn to merge back in the right direction. By this time though, enough people have surrounded – and halted – the vehicle.

Seriously, you’d think that the moment you realise you’re driving against the flow of traffic, the thing not to do is continue on, and even speed up. Be alert, and stay safe.