Five more Proton dealers have signed a deal to upgrade to 3S and 4S centres respectively, as part of the national carmaker’s dealers network upgrade exercise. This is the second batch of dealers to take part in the signing ceremony, three weeks after an earlier batch did the same.

The agreements were signed between Ho Tuck Sum, head of sales and network planning at Proton, with Datuk Shamshudin Nor, director of Pantai Bharu Corporation, Liew Vee Lee, director of Harima Automobil, Judith Yam Siew Chu, managing director of Atiara Johan, Mohd Nazrin Bin Mohamad Fozi, director of Rahman Brothers Automotive and Leong Chue Chye, managing director of Hoi Keen Services.

“There must be a reason why Malaysians are fascinated with the tiger. The Proton logo itself has the image of a roaring tiger. Surely it represents boldness, courage and a spirit of survival. Just like us now at this point, taking it all in our stride, we will move ahead to ensure we continue to remain relevant and competitive in the automotive industry, by delivering to you top of the class products, quality and services,” said Li Chunrong, CEO of Proton.

“For me, the fact that we have more dealers joining in to upgrade their outlets speaks volume. This shows that there are businessmen out there who believe in the Proton brand and have utmost confidence that this partnership with Proton will elevate to greater heights and increase brand presence in the industry,” he elaborated.