2019 Volkswagen Golf Mk8 rendered with new styling

The Volkswagen Golf is undoubtedly one of the automaker’s most important models to date, with over 34 million units sold since the original car made its debut in 1974. We already know that the eighth-generation (Mk8) hatch will enter the production stages as early as June 2019. That’s 74 weeks from now, for those who are keeping count.

So far, nothing of the car is known, save for the fact that it will champion the Wolfsburg-based automaker’s venture into the world of fully connected vehicles with extended autonomous driving functions. In terms of its design, the Mk8 Golf remains a top corporate secret, so our best bet rests in the hands of rendering whiz Theophilus Chin. Onwards, then.

The blue unit seen here wears a rather safe and familiar styling approach, sporting a look that greatly resembles its smaller sibling, the Polo. The new headlights feature LED DRL surrounds and dual projector units on each side (not unlike the new Jetta), and the signal indicators take shape in the form of a horizontally-arranged LED modules that underline the lamps. The lower front apron too feels familiar, though the horizontal slats that extend into the air ducts seem to have a way in keeping it fresh.

2019 Volkswagen Golf Mk8 rendered with new styling

On the side, the Y-shaped-spoke wheels make an appearance here, and if you look closely you’ll realise that it also features a full-sized panoramic sunroof. Over at the back, the tail lights appear to have been inspired by the new Jetta, complementing the more sculpted rear section of the hatch.

For me, the styling feels rather docile for a Golf, but it’s a breath of fresh air compared to the outgoing base model. What do you think of this rendering, guys?

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