This may look like a concept vehicle, but it is actually the second-generation Formula E race car that will make its competitive debut in the 2018/19 season of the ABB Formula-E Championship. These CGI renderings are all that’s provided for now, as the full physical car will only be shown at the Geneva Motor Show later in March, along with accompanying technical details.

Make no mistake, this is a striking new look for the single-seat, electric-powered race car, and represents a significant departure from its predecessor. The new body is geared towards reducing drag and maximising efficiency, hence the enclosed wheels, prominent rear diffuser and split rear wing.

One feature that sticks out is the halo cockpit protection device, which serves to protect drivers from head injuries during accidents. The FIA-mandated safety device will also be present on Formula 1 cars in 2018, and is said to feature LED lighting on Formula E cars.

To go along with the visual overhaul, the cars are claimed to offer double the energy storage capacity and range of the current car used in the 2017/18 season. This not only makes the cars a lot faster (speeds of up to 300 km/h are claimed), but eliminates the need for anymore mid-race car swaps as is the case with the first-generation cars.

Development of the car was undertaken by Spark Racing Technology with significant input from the motorsport governing body, including its engineers and designers. The car will be supplied to individual manufacturers who’ll then add on their powertrains, although the battery comes exclusively from McLaren Applied Technologies (previously supplied by Williams Advanced Engineering).