Treeletrik has confirmed pricing for its T-MV7 electric lorry, which was revealed last week. The vehicle will be priced at RM66,000 nett for just the chassis, before GST and on-the-road costs. As we reported earlier, the lorry will be available in Van Box, Refrigerated Box, Pick-Up and Flat Bed bodystyles, and GST and other costs will be added after the body and other options are applied.

The T-MV7 is actually a rebadged version of the Metro, built by American carmaker Cenntro. It measures 3,860 mm long, 1,660 mm wide and 1,960 mm tall, with a composite body resulting in a weight of 558 kg – Cenntro says that this makes it the lightest vehicle in its class. Payload is 615 kg.

Power comes from a rear-mounted electric motor making a nominal power of 10 kW (13.4 hp), with peak power reaching 24 kW (32 hp). This enables the T-MV7 to go from zero to 30 km/h in under six seconds, but its top speed varies depending on the battery that juices the vehicle.

This would be either a 8.64 kWh lead acid battery or a 14.4 kWh lithium-ion unit; the former provides a range of 80 km and a top speed of 55 km/h, and has a 45,000 km lifespan. Opt for the lithium-ion pack and you’ll get a range of 180 km, a top speed of 80 km/h and a 100,000 km lifespan.

The T-MV7 is charged through a 220 to 240 volt (50 Hz) socket, and Treeletrik claims running costs of three sen per kilometre based on the RM0.28 per kWh electricity tariff

Suspension is independent leaf springs at the front and independent transverse coilovers at the rear. There are disc brakes all around – allowing the T-MV7 to stop from 40 km/h to a standstill in 7.5 metres – hiding behind 14-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels shod in 175/65-section tyres.

Kit includes a polyurethane steering wheel (connected to an electric power steering system), an overhead storage console, a touchscreen infotainment system with Bluetooth connectivity, a reverse camera, two-tone seat covers, a 12-volt power socket and an onboard diagnostic system. Although the car seen here is fitted only with a heater, Treeletrik says that our vehicles will come with air-conditioning.