As BMW Motorrad’s manufacturing partner in India, TVS has been seen to capitalise on motorcycle concepts based on the G 310 series machines, such as the TVS Akula, launched in India last year. For the India Auto Expo 2018, TVS has taken the covers off the 2018 TVS Zeppelin Cruiser Concept.

What is unique about the Zeppelin Cruiser is TVS claim it comes equipped with an integrated starter generator (ISG), which is said to give the bike a boost at startup. The system comes with a 1,200 Watt regenerative motor connected to a 48-Volt lithium-ion battery, which TVS calls E-Boost, adding 20% to the Zeppelin’s torque when activated.

The Zeppelin carries a 220 cc single-cylinder engine, which TVS claims is good for 20 hp at 8,500 rpm and 18.5 Nm of torque at 7,000 rpm. Despite appearances to the contrary, the radiator housing on the front of the Zeppelin is empty, making this an air-cooled power plant.

Belt-drive is mated to a five-speed gearbox for this power cruiser styled machine, and TVS says the Zeppelin is good for a 130 km/h top speed. Front forks, which look like they came off the G 310 R, are 41 mm diameter upside-down units, giving the Zeppelin a very beefy look when viewed head-on.

Two-channel ABS is standard, and the front brake calliper is a radial-mount, clamping a single 300 mm diameter brake disc with a 240 mm disc behind. Wheel sizes on the Zeppelin are asymmetrical – a 17-inch spoked wheel in front and a 15-inch hoop in the back.

Weight for the 2018 TVS Zeppelin Cruiser Concept is said to be 168 kg and the concept design comes with a “smart bio-key”, online connectivity and a HD camera mounted above the front headlight. Other details include a see-through cover on the left-side crankcase, exposing the alternator, as seen in photos from Indian Autos Blog.