Inexorably marching on is the journey to electrification of vehicles, especially in the motorcycle world, with the launch of the 2018 Emflux One electric motorcycle (e-bike) from India. Indian start-up Emflux Motors is the brainchild of Varun Mittal, Ankit Khatry, and Vinay Raj Somashekar and their team of 25, producing an e-bike capable of going head-to-head with 700 cc motorcycles.

Taking just under 18 months to go from inception to the rolling Emflux One concept seen on display at the Auto Expo 2018 India has every single component – except for the brakes, tyres and suspension – on the e-bike has been designed and engineered in-house. Housed in a trellis frame with a trellis single-sided swingarm, the 9.7 kWh battery pack powers a 60 kw electric motor coupled to a single-speed reduction gearbox.

Bodywork on the Emflux One is fibre-glass, with all components located for best weight centralisation in the frame. Emflux plans to make just 199 units of the Emflux One for the Indian market and another 300 for the export.

Two versions of the 2018 Emflux One will be produced, a standard version priced at USD 9,350 (RM 36,996), and an upgraded version with Ohlins suspension, forged alloy wheels and ultralight carbon-fibre panels at USD 17,150 (RM67,859). Emflux is also capable of designing and developing electric drivetrains including battery, battery management system, charger, motor controller and electric motor for two- and four-wheelers.