As Chinese New Year festivities continue, so does that of weekly fuel prices – there’s more cheer in store for motorists for a second week running following the 10 to 12 sen drop last week in petrol and diesel pump prices.

From tomorrow, February 22, the price of RON 95 petrol will be RM2.17 per litre (down six sen from RM2.23 per litre last week), while RON 97 will be priced at RM2.43 per litre for the coming week (down seven sen from RM2.50 per litre last week).

As for diesel, Euro 2M will retail for RM2.13 per litre at the pump (down six sen from RM2.19 last week), while Euro 5 diesel, which commands a 10 sen premium over regular diesel, will be priced at RM2.23 (previously, RM2.29 per litre). These prices will be in effect until February 28, when the next fuel price adjustment will be announced.

This week’s fuel price announcement is the 48th since the weekly system took effect at the end of March 2017. The current price of RON 95 petrol is 13 sen lower (from RM2.30 per litre) than at the start of the programme, while RON 97 is down 17 sen (from RM2.60). Diesel, meanwhile, is seven sen lower than it was then (from RM2.20 per litre).