After the annual year-end frenzy, January is traditionally a slow hangover month. And the numbers just released by the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) support it – at 44,575 units, vehicle sales for January 2018 were down 19% (10,154 units) compared to December 2017. Jan 2018 figures are also 0.2% lower (92 units) than those recorded in the same month last year.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how the auto brands performed last month. After the expiration of year-end promos, most of the market leaders saw a decline – Perodua -12.3%, Honda -27.5%, Toyota -50.8% and Nissan -11.3% were among those, although Proton’s -0.4% drop was minimal. Elsewhere, BMW (-16.8%), VW (-42.4%), Subaru (-40.5%), Volvo (-56.1%) and Audi (-34.8%) also saw lower sales.

The few brands that bucked the trend were Mazda (+82.8%), Peugeot (+37.5%) and Mitsubishi (+21.5%), along with premium segment leader Mercedes-Benz (+6.0%).

This is the first set of monthly data from the MAA this year, and it no longer lists Lamborghini, Chery and Yutong, brands that have resigned from auto club. New entries include Chinese brands King Long (you might have seen the name on buses), JAC and CAM. Click on the chart below for a larger view.