The first monthly vehicle sales results for the year are in, and it appears that the automotive industry is off to a slow start. According to the Malaysian Automotive Association, a total of 44,575 vehicles were registered in January 2018, 19% or 10,154 units lower than the 54,729 units sold in December 2017. That wasn’t exactly a strong month to begin with, if you’d recall.

The sales volume for January was also lower compared to the same month last year, albeit by just 0.2% or 92 units. The lukewarm performance was attributed to most sales promotions and offers having concluded in December, despite January being the month running up to the Chinese New Year festive season. This month’s sales are expected to be lower still, due to a short working month owing to the CNY holidays.

Last year’s total industry volume (TIV) fell short compared to an already weak 2016, with 576,635 vehicles sold against the 580,085 units that found homes the year before. This was despite the fact that the industry’s performance last year had hitherto been ahead of 2016’s by a small margin, as late as November.