No more scrambling for your phone to Shazam that cool (or old) song you just heard on the radio. It’s not very safe to do so anyway, as it takes attention off the road ahead. Seat is set to become the first carmaker in the world to integrate Shazam in its cars. The integration will start this April in the brand’s cars via the SEAT DriveApp for Android Auto.

“For all music lovers, being able to identify songs is going to be at their fingertips. Integrating Shazam will enable us to continue making progress in our goal of delivering maximum safety for our customers and achieving zero road accidents,” Seat president Luca de Meo said at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

The VW Group’s Spanish brand is using the MWC as the backdrop to reveal its vision of the future of driving and its commitment to safety. It displayed the Seat Leon Cristobal concept car, a prototype equipped with more than 15 safety assistants. All contribute to reducing the main causes of traffic accidents by up to 40%, including distractions, drowsiness, excess speed or alcohol consumption.

For those who are more into engine tunes, the brand recently launched its Cupra performance sub-brand. The new logo can be found on the Cupra Ateca, the sub-brand’s first model. The SUV is powered by a 300 PS 2.0 litre TSI engine paired with a seven-speed DSG. With adaptive suspension, 4Drive all-wheel drive and now Shazam, it sounds like quite the ultimate road trip machine.