2018 – EZ-GO

Autonomous, all-electric and built for urban mobility. Increasingly common buzzwords in the modern automotive realm, these are aspects which are embraced by the Renault EZ-GO concept car.

According to the automaker, the EZ-GO is a robo-vehicle enabling users to hitch a ride from either fixed or mobile locations. The concept is the first in a series of mobiliy-focused Renaults that will be unveiled through the course of this year, and follows the level four autonomy-capable Symbioz.

Envisioned for both private and company use, the EZ-GO aims to be complementary to both passenger cars and public transport such as railways and buses, and aims to cater to individuals or small groups – ride-sharing comes to mind. The mobility concept which the EZ-GO is a part of is slated to be made available via an application as well as through permanent stations throughout designated cities.

The EZ-GO’s construction was designed to maximise the various sensors’ field of vision, while the panoramic roof lets in natural light. The robo-vehicle’s height also does not interfere with its occupants’ view of their surrroundings, Renault says. When docked to its station, the EZ-GO deploys a boarding ramp that is flush with its flat floor, enabling easy access whether on foot or for those requiring wheels.

On the move, the EZ-GO deploys its level four autonomous driving ability which enables it to keep a distance from the vehicle in front, stay in lane or change lanes, and negotiate junctions autonomously. It also has the ability to move into a safe position out of adversity in case of out-of-ordinary situations, either by itself or with direction from a monitoring centre.

An inherent level of safety with the EZ-GO is ensured thanks to its limited speed of 50 km/h, while its generous front opening is away from the road and light marking the ground outside demarcates where the platform will be placed. Four-wheel steering aids in manoeuvring urban conditions.