With the 2018 New York International Auto Show coming up soon, MINI has released a teaser of what could be a new model that will make its debut at the event on March 27.

The 20-second clip shows a garage door being opened before a classic Mini decked out in full rally gear makes its way out. The screen then fades to white with the text ‘come see what’s inside’. At first viewing, it appears pretty uneventful, but if you pause the video at the 15-second mark, things get a bit more interesting.

The badge located on the hood of the car certainly doesn’t appear very retro in nature, and is more reminiscent of that found on the MINI Electric Concept. The 2017 concept served as a preview for an all-electric MINI, which succeeds the MINI E unveiled in 2008 driven by private users.

This certainly suggests an electric MINI model will be revealed in New York, but we’ll have to wait for further details to confirm. We know MINI is working on such a model, based on previous spyshots as well as word from the carmaker that a production car will arrive by 2019.

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