Shown at the recent 2018 Bangkok Motor Show was the 2017 Yamaha QBix scooter and Yamaha Motoroid concept e-bike. While neither two-wheeler is new, having been unveiled in the previous year, managed to take a few photos while getting up close and personal with the bikes on the Yamaha stand.

For the QBix, this scooter is designed as family-centric urban transport, and brims with modern conveniences for the rider. Power comes from a 125 cc, single-cylinder mill with Yamaha’s Blue Core engine design philosophy that promises more power and greater fuel efficiency. For the Qbix, this is good for 9.5 hp at 8,000 rpm and 9.6 Nm of torque at 5,500 rpm.

There are three versions of the QBix – base, ‘S’ and ABS – which are self-explanatory. The top-of-the-line ABS model comes with keyless start, something we’ve seen in the Yamaha NVX 155, and all three models come with engine stop-start along with remote opening seat and fuel lid.

Inside the cockpit an LCD instrument is installed, displaying everything the rider needs to know, with fuel carried in a 4.2-litre tank. In Thailand, the Yamaha QBix retails at 53,500 baht (RM6,620) for the base model, while the S and ABS models go for 56,000 baht (RM6,929) and 59,900 baht (RM7,412), respectively.

Looking like it stepped out the pages of a Japanese manga is the Yamaha Motoroid concept, a technology demonstrator of the future of e-bikes, as Yamaha sees it. The Motoroid’s programming allows it to recognise its owner, along with tracking body movement to allow for a more efficient riding experience though we do not want to know if it will or will not open the pod bay doors.

Yamaha has not released a lot of information on the Motoroid, but we can tell you it measures 2,060 mm long, 600 mm wide and 1,090 mm tall. An electric motor with unspecified rating drives the rear wheel, with the lithium-ion batteries carried where an engine would be for a normal motorcycle, and the entire package weighs 213 kg.