Brembo has just unveiled a brand new brake caliper design for high performance cars at the 2018 New York International Auto Show. The company calls it an “aesthetically revolutionary” caliper that weighs just 400 grammes per wheel.

According to Brembo, the caliper is eight percent lighter than competing products, and it offers the best weight-to-stiffness ratio ever for a cast aluminium caliper. To build it, Brembo used topology optimisation – a software that allows engineers to simulate the stiffness of a component and identify excess material.

This, as you can see, results in a new look and takes after the profile of a Batarang (Batman’s favourite throwing weapon). Stopping performance is also said to be increased, thanks to the company’s 45-year-long involvement in motorsports. The material reduction sees less curves on the edges of the caliper, and is part of the reason why Pagani used it for the Huayra.

Brembo also says that the new caliper can be matched perfectly to the shape and colours of exclusive models, all while doing a better job at providing braking performance. What do think of this?