We’ve all been there before – a long and monotonous drive on the highway, feeling drowsy after lunch. The right thing to do is to stop and take a break, but the other side of the brain tells us to power on, and to get to our destination as soon as possible. Familiar internal battle, isn’t it?

It was probably in the mind of the driver of the Hyundai Veloster in the video above. Taken by Facebook user Min, it shows the white coupe driving on the North South Highway near Bertam, northbound. The Veloster driver sways within its lane, strays into other lanes and is driving dangerously. The driver then veers left, before accelerating to the right again.

That proves to be the last erratic move by the Veloster driver, as he rams into the back of a lorry. The innocent egg-carrying lorry had its side ripped off by the impact, before losing control and slamming into the highway’s central divider – first the front, then the back. The fate of the occupants of the two vehicles are unknown. Fortunately no other vehicles were involved.

We don’t know for sure, but our guess is that the Veloster driver was drowsy. He or she could also be driving under the influence, but given that the accident happened in the day, drowsiness is more likely to be the reason behind the dangerous driving. So, the next time you encounter that internal battle, do the right thing and take a rest at the nearest R&R. Pushing on could be fatal.

Let’s not forget that recording videos while driving is also a dangerous act. Hand the phone over to your passenger if you must.