Believe it or not, by September this year, the Perodua Axia will be four years old. It has sold in great numbers since it was launched in 2014, but will it do any better if it had a more forward-looking design like that seen on the new Myvi?

Well, here’s one for the imagination, courtesy of rendering whiz Theophilus Chin. As you can clearly tell, the entire design element has been lifted off the new Myvi, more specifically the Myvi 1.3 Premium X. However, details such as the headlights and front grille are perceptibly different, with the former being sleeker and more proportionately styled for the A-segment hatch.

The grille takes on a more understated look with a two-piece element – the bottom part in gloss black and the top part in chrome. Below that you’ll find the familiar chromed fog lamp that’s accented by encasing chrome trims, albeit more dramatic than those on the Myvi.

Elsewhere, the alloy wheels and side panel mouldings are pretty much a carbon copy of the Myvi, and the chromed door handles provide a decent contrast to the overall profile.

The back is where things get a whole lot more exciting. First of all, the C-pillars aren’t as chunky as the Myvi, so it makes do without the rear quarter window, giving it a cleaner look. The sloping roof also adds a touch of athleticism – just like the Myvi, it’s capped off with a shark fin antenna.

The rear windscreen is a little less steep compared to the Myvi, and it guides the eyes down to the tail lights. Nothing fancy here, but the shape and simplicity works rather well for a supermini. The tailgate design and rear bumper may divide opinion, so let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Overall, it’s quite a decent looker, but to execute this look on a diminutive A-segment footprint may prove to be a real challenge – almost impossible without sacrificing some form of practicality.

On the Axia, the facelifted model was officially launched in January 2017, featuring slight updates to the overall look as well as the addition of variable valve timing on the 1.0 litre engine. Prices start from RM23,996, all the way to RM41,497, and you can spec it up with Gear Up accessories too. Watch the videos below to find out how the Axia fared against the Proton Iriz 1.3 and previous-gen Kia Picanto, as well as the latest Myvi against the Refined Iriz and new Picanto.

GALLERY: Perodua Axia 1.0 Advance facelift