With the recent launch of the 2018 SYM VF3i, stakes in the Malaysian supercub category have been raised a fair bit, the VF3’s 183 cc single-cylinder engine eclipsing local competition. Launched at a price of RM8,467, including GST, the VF3i’s rivals in the market include the Yamaha Y15ZR at RM8,361, the Honda RS150R at RM8,478 and the Benelli RFS150i at RM7,778.

By the numbers, the VF3i clearly stands head and shoulders above its supercub brethren, with 17.7 hp at 8,500 rpm and 15.3 Nm of torque at 7,500 rpm. This compares against the average of 15 hp and 13 Nm torque produced by the VF3i’s competition, with EFI being standard across the board.

In the weight, the Y15ZR is the diet champion, weighing a mere 115 kg against the others, the VF3i coming in at 124 kg, with the RS150R at 123 kg and the RFS150i at 126 kg. However, in the gearing stakes, the Y15ZR has only a five-speed box, versus the six-speeders found in the other supercubs.

As for braking, the VF3i comes out tops with a dual-piston calliper grabbing a 250 mm diameter brake disc in front, compared to the 240 mm diameter and dual-piston calliper on the RFS150i. Meanwhile the Y15ZR and RS150R are sized similarly in terms of brake disc diameter, clamped by a single-piston caliper.

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When it comes to fuel tank capacity, the VF3i comes with a 7-litre tank under the seat, which SYM says gives some 170 km of range, whereas the rest of the field come with 4-litre fuel tanks. LED lighting all round, with DRL, is also standard for the VF3i, compared to the halogen headlights on the Yamaha and Benelli (the Honda has an LED headlight).

The RFS150i wins out in the suspension stakes, with its 88 mm travel upside-down fork, the other supercubs using conventional telescopic forks. In the rear, a monoshock is standard, although the VF3i omits any sort of pre-load adjustment, a feature found in its competition.

Odd one out in the area of warranty is Yamaha, with its 1 year or 10,000 km limit for the Y15ZR, with the rest of the supercubs offering a 2 year or 20,000 km warranty. So, dear reader, what do you think, based on the numbers?

Which of these supercubs would be your pick? We will be getting our hands on the 2018 SYM VF3i for review soon, and will see how it does in the hands of our test riders.


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